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Uplift your offering by joining our exclusive VirusTotal MSSP program

Differentiate and enrich your services with world-class crowdsourced intelligence. Become an MSSP partner, broaden and augment your portfolio to drive significant revenues.

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You are not licensing a product,
you are making an investment

Beyond licensing a market-leading threat intelligence suite, the MSSP program dynamics ensure that VirusTotal is invested in growing your business.

Boost brand recognition

Leverage the VirusTotal brand in your offering.

Join events on VirusTotal’s channels & social media.

Showcase your expertise on VirusTotal’s website.

Accelerate your revenue

Increase retention and delight your customers.

Augment & differentiate existing services.

Broaden your portfolio & effortlessly generate new revenue streams.

Supercharge your secops

Improve operational efficiency & instantly upskill your team.

Miss no threat, understand all. Outsmart adversaries.

Integrate, condense and lower costs.

Elevate & differentiate your offering with VT AUGMENT

Upsell existing customers and supercharge your offering by incorporating the VT AUGMENT widget to display VirusTotal reputation and advanced context in your services in a compliant and revenue-generating manner.

Independently resell a license to operate the integration or bundle it into a SKU. Increasing margins with increasing sales.

Which MSSP package fits you better?

Unparalleled threat context and crowdsourced internet-wide visibility combined with Google’s planet scale infrastructure and instant search capabilities.



  • Improve investigative capabilities
  • Reactively resell VirusTotal to answer your customer needs
  • Build trust leveraging VirusTotal’s partnership


  • Unlimited usage, forget about quotas and think about use cases
  • Automatically enrich events and conduct proactive threat hunting
  • Track adversaries and threat campaigns, preventatively block IoCs
  • VT ALERTS included for your customers
  • Create a bundled VT AUGMENT SKU, upsell your base and close larger deals
  • Proactively resell VirusTotal and generate a major revenue stream
  • Exclusive enablement & trainings
  • Leverage VirusTotal’s global reach at full steam

Why VirusTotal?

Preventative security operations with rich, actionable and close to real-time threat intelligence

Community crowdsourcing

Global visibility. Rich and fresh threat corpus through free & open mullti-antivirus service, not constrained to sightings in your own network.

Multi-kind characterization

Enrich everything. Analysis of files/hashes, domains, IP addresses and URLs. Your one-stop shop for everything threat intelligence related.

Multi-angular detection

Miss nothing. Orthogonal mechanisms to flag maliciousness: 70+ AVs, 15+ sandboxes, crowdsourced {YARA, SIGMA, IDS} rules, etc.

Industry partnerships

Stand on the shoulders of giants. Contributions from hundreds of world-leading security vendors and one-click ubiquitous integrations.

The home of YARA

Outsmart adversaries. We have created the de-facto standard for campaign monitoring and threat actor tracking, enjoy extended capabilities in VT.

Google planet-scale

Faster operations. Seamlessly scaling instant search infrastructure acting on petabytes of threat sightings, get sub-second answers.

Unmatched threat visibility.


Rich & Massive – 3B+ files dating back to 2004, interlinked via graph with 5B+ URLs, 170B+ pDNS resolutions, etc.


Fresh & Diverse –¬†Submissions by 3M+ users per month coming from over 230 countries – ISO codes.


Real-time – 1M+ new files analyzed per day with 70+ AVs, 15+ sandboxes and dozens of static dissectors.

Crowdsourced Intelligence for everyone

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our VirusTotal MSSP program.